Hi. Assalamualaikum..

Lama inda blog. Ugh… hari ni hari seharian di Tommy boy okay. The reason why is since sem ni stay unijaya senang mau kuar k.. turun bawah pakcik sebayor menunggu di bawah k.. so tendency mau pigi summer maybe twice or maybe thrice a week tu memang sangat tinggi. Haha.. teda la k. and by the way I found my first year picture at Siar Beach Lundu during my course orientation back in 2013. Ya allah. Rindunya time first year dulu.. first year everything semua pure okay! Intention and everything ya allah.. naïve nya! Semester satu. And this picture brought back hundreds of sem one first year memories. Seriously it’s not just they say but I say also..

first year is the best year in your whole college life ( anyway no one cares about who say ) * if anyone ever tell you that final year is the best shut their mouth right away THAT WAS A LIE * trust me! They just want you to grow up fast hahahahah. I remember MAP. Ugh.. being me was very hard indeed. No friends and totally a wallflower during MAP but then I met Fatin.. she is my MAP friends. We took pictures together *but I lost the pictures* so her was the only good things about MAP. However now that the MAP is done.. and could possibly go back and experience it again. Naaaaaaaaaa! Rindu gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MAP. Even makan sorang sorang during lunch and talk to no one but I misssssss those days! And walau sangat tersiksa sudah lah fourth floor and then single room and then homesick gila gila.. but at the end of the day I’m doing just okay… you’ll be okay kid! Just enjoy…

 I remember about joining kayak. ( audition only ) not selected by the way. Em and participated in Citrawarna and jangan jangan jangan tak tau I also one of the acoustic member. Acoustic well of the decent memory in my college life but yes yes I quit singing because honestly singing is never my thing. I’m just a bathroom singer and yes boleh la consider maybe one day I only want to sing for the love of my life. Okay you may muntah hijau now.  And then I remember got lost in the Uni for the first time ever. Hahaha.

Nda tau mana TMM. Berabis pusing satu fakulti.. naaa. And have no cents in my pocket even untuk beli air. Sedihnya gue mengenangkan waktu itu. Whatever it is. Sem one is the best to remember. Semuanya pureeeeee. But yes I’ll admit my sem 1 is my immature year I would say. It was the time when I was so childish.. now that I’m quite old and wise I really want to apologize to people I’ve done wrongs. Simple thing like I ignore and make you feel like you are not welcome I’M TRULY SORRY. And I don’t really have the guts to approach you and hey I’m sorry for the thing I’ve done to you on September 2013 in the evening. I’m so sorry. But for sure. I forgive whoever have done me wrong with hope you forgive all my wrong doings to you as well. Actually entah papa ja post hari ni. But then if anyone of you have ever read this entry if I ever hurt you.. maafkan saya.

P/s: Dosa dengan manusia Allah tidak dapat ampun melainkan kita sendiri mohon dari individu tersebut.


Maafkan saya.

K la.


* Sept 2013
hitammmnyaaa kamek xD