Human right.


Maybe it was too naive of me
to secretly hope
people would finally support each other.
I actually lost sight of
what is support really mean.
let's say if you tell people you want
to do something
but they bash instead.
maybe it is not really bashing but
a simple thing like.
are you crazy?
tell me what is the benefit of it?
like seriously.
can we just turn the reaction into something like this.
that's great.
go on if you really want it. I believe you can!
and let's say if
she want to do something beyond possible.
even if it's irrelevant for you
never go broke her hopes.
even if it's too high
so what.
just give her hope.
support her instead of saying like
she can't do that!
that would certainly kill.
I was just actually.
hope that mankind
would someday
be kind
and when I say kind..
really really really kind.
with each other.
support each other.
don't kill her w you sharp tongue.
just just be kind and sincere.
would make this world
a better place to live
and less harsh.