24 years old me.

*gambar kucing sbb aku fanatik gila dgn kucing!

* gmbr Fattah sbb aku minat sama dia. sengaja letak gmbr neelofa sekali sbb aku admire dia juga dan bagi meningatkan ku untuk berpijak di bumi nyata. 

*This band cause I love them since 2011 and even todayyy. I still love them.

* this hat cause sampai sekarang belum habis degree

* Rover maafkan lah aku. cinta aku sudah beralih arah dengan si Jepp ni. mahap sgt. 

haaaaaaaaaaaaa. lama inda meng-update blog. lama sgt. k. apa pun.. semoga dengan bertambahnya umur moga makin bertambah lah amal Ibadah dan Iman kepada yang maha Esa amin. I have so many things to say.. firstly sikit jak ralat k, sbb inda sambut betday dgn family. even selalu kena celebrate simple simple jak. but I'm so happy.. sbb rasa kana sayang gitu. kah! tp taun ni 24 feb 2017 berusia 24 tahun. seorang seorang di perantauan. nun jauh di negeri sitokkkk. btw I love here so much though it pain me a lot to be far away from everyone that I love. di usia yang semakin menua ni... I don't hope for much. I just want to be perfectly content w what I have.. aku hanya ingin mensyukuri segala nikmat Tuhan. Nikmat hidup... nikmat rezeki untuk terus berjalan.. untuk terus kuat. I just want to say Thank youuuu. for each and everyone.. yang masih di sini bersamaaaaa gue. I cannot promise much. but one thing for sure 24 yrs me is not the 16 yrs old,15 yrs old, 22 yrs old, or 23 yrs old Alohia. Thank you Allah.... 

may allah bless us all 

p/s : ini pic betday serprise inda menjadi waktu 22 tahun hahaha. 

ucapan hari jadi buat diri sendiri. 

Garl w loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Forgive me o Allah.

Whenever I felt very down... I will just sit or sleep. I don't want anyone to be around me. not even my parent. I wanna lie in bed all day and think about where did I go wrong? what did I do wrong? such a selfish and ungrateful thought of me. I experienced same situation for plenty of time.. and here I am.. experiencing them again. feel very down and seems like everything is just so wrong. I sometimes think about give up everything. I wander on youtube and looking for some inspirational words so that I could probably find something that can make me keep going.. that's what I did. really... recently whenever I felt down.. other than reciting the holy quran, and listening to ayah... I will browse many pieces of a good vid of encouraging message and yes in some ways.. Its actually leave a very positive impact on me on youtube. from this day onwards.. I wanted to change the way I react with such feeling... yes I still need my time alone.. but I wish I could at least.. kneel down and pray to Allah.. no matter how hard and painful it is. I hope to always remember that nothing in this world.. can help better than Allah. Dia Allah... maha besar.. maha kaya.. maha pengasih... 
berdoa laaa pada Allah...
supplication is our biggest shield. 
Just my personal recommendation...
If you ever felt down...
try to...
1. Be calm.. do not curse. 
2.Open the Quran
3. Go to Youtube : this one is really work for me.. whenever I encounter an obstacles there will always a vid on youtube that I can relate w my current situation. Allahuakabar! Allah maha besar... 
4. Cry.. to let out of all feeling. After you cried.. insyaALLAH.. tenang 
5. Believe Allah won't test his slave with beyond the ability of his hamba.. 
6. Remember your blessing. 

Above all.. never leave du'a and the obligatory prayer in our daily life... doa dan terus doa.. even I sometimes felt very lost and down that I don't want to pray anymore.. but I force myself.. because without Allah.. I'm nothing. and Death come at time when we don't even expect. Please remind each other.. we're human. we have flaws.. iman depleted and we not always on the right track.. but please.. lets us remind each other.. each day... 
May Allah hear us, grant us happiness in dunya and akhira. 


Forgive me O Allah

Forgive me ya Allah
Here I am this is me..
just a weak.. really weak
human being in front of you my beloved
with a heart bleeding
weeping out the fear of Allah..
with tears dropping
with a body shivering
with pain exploding..
asking you for forgiveness mercy
o Allah forgive me
Oh Allah..
sometimes my life
may be corrupted and rough
sometimes my tests
and journeys get
so tough
but for the sake of you...
it will never be enough..
What have I done to come closer to you Allah?
All what I have done is worth nothing..
and when I give up just a small thing for your sake...
you give me something better in its place..
O Allah forgive me..
But whatcan I do?
in front of you oh Allah...
Shouldn't I keep putting on myself blame
I looks all the things you gave me.. and it's sad to say..
that sometimes a day might pass..
without remembering to even say Alhamdullilah..
And If I want to name all what you gave me I know that surely... it will take me years and years to go through them all.. that is if I remember them.. all: and maybe..
just maybe... there are other things I still don't know about...
Oh Allah... this is only one thing I might forget to do..
and I ask you to always guide me upon what is true..
for your love would always be..
what I want to pursue
to you alone I pray and cry..
to please you I really humbly try..
You I obey..
and abide
you are the one who will always be by my side
and today..
I will strive to be a better muslim than yesterday
only you know my destiny and what's the best in me so lead me to the right way
don't let me take the wrong way
and sway
I am your slave
and I ask you to always keep me strong and brave in this world full of harsh waves

cr : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L9vyNB3IGQ

sunday evening in College.