Apapun Yang Terjadi Shalatlah

No matter what's happening your life


May Allah SWT rewards & bless us. 


Happy Birthday sis!

Sister, when we were little we fought alot. and even now.. we still fight. fight about cats, and mostly about chores. HAHAHA of course I won in every argument like most of the time xD. I ZERIOUSLY cannot accept it if I didn't win. hahaha I'M A BIG SISTER. jebal. BUT SHE'S TURNING 20 this year and just so you know. You will always be my little sis.. and I don't know maybe someday in the future then I can slowly learn to treat her like 20 

I honestly don't like those session when we both got mad over petty issues. we said the meanest thing to each other and on some occasion we become totally mute to each other because of the thing we have just said. It's not fun. HAHAHA but she like to take thing from my closet without my permission and I'm the kind of sister who sitting around.. bossy around and netflix. when these two thing happen,chances are there will be a nuclear bomb exploding in our small home.  

but as time goes by, as we both gotten older.. things changed. Well, we still fight but it is not as bad as in the past. Sekarang lebih banyak tolerant. In fact now we shared alot of thing (Makeup, skincare and everything) and my sis should be grateful! she's not a skincare freak like me... so when I buy product and the next day If I think that. the product isn't my tea, I give it to her.. and yeay she got plenty of beauty product she only use twice a month I think. xD FOR FREE. (that is the benefits of having a big sister)

we are different in many ways, the only interest that we shares is when baking, cats and kpop. hahaha. When I first away from home... the time when I left home for college, that is when I finally realize everything. there is nothing in this world like sister-bond. When I encountered other girl in college is like totally the upside downs. I realized how my sister had been there for me, she did alot of thing for me.. I know she's been trying to understand me.. 

when it is the other girl I have to hold myself and behave.. but when it is my sissy.. I can just do whatever I want because she's my sister. and I hate to admit this,but many times failed to take care of her feelings. 

I was stunned, at first.  this bitter and self-realization that come a little bit late... hurts me to death. and I feel a twinge of remorse... I SERIOUSLY DID. I regret every single thing I did in the past. well of course sister fighting is a part of the sister bonding time. but when it is too much.. it is not fun. and If only... I could turn back time, I don't want to act all bossy and being apathy when it comes to my sister feeling.. I want to take care of her. and being always there... when she have issues, or matter to talk to. I probably far from someone she looks up to. but then I'm just so glad because as time goes by.... we gotten closer and seems like time has JUST  erased the painful memories of yesterday... Now I only want to remember all the good times and I look forward to many many years of joy and beautiful day w sissy! 

Coffee and Crème 

" A special sister and best friend,
Time with you, I love to spend.
Always been there, through thick and thin,
I know your thoughts, through your grin.
A special sister and best friend,
My gratitude, I wish to send,
Your kindness keeps me very warm,
Great conversations are the norm.
A special sister and best friend,
Your dreams and thoughts, I shall defend.
We are more than just a team,
I'm your coffee, you're my crème"

by AnitaPoems.com

this is for adik. 

you will be my little sis.. forever insyaALLAH and I pray harder so that we and of course (MAMA BAPA IDIL IMAN) the whole family reunite in Jannah, Ameen 

Happy 20st Birthday sis. 

annoying sister ever. I know. 

but you love me.. I know and I love you more than you love me. 



Hi,Nyctalopia? pretty sure.. some of you never heard of it. yayayyaya me too. Only know about it today. Hahahah. thing is actually.. few days ago I went to assignment meeting in my college and it was during the night. Actually I am aware of this thing since a very long time already. but yasss I tend to ignore a lot of thing...until it get worse. (*exactly I NEED TO FIX THIS BEHAVIOR*)  I cannot really see at night. I have a very poor vision at night or in dimly lit environments. I'm so mad to point where sometimes I really wanna cry. I don't wanna ended up to wear glasses for the rest of mylife. I don't. TT. okayhhh back to the assignment meeting. Okayh actually I WAS VERY SHOCKED bcs on my way to college Cafe I didn't realize that there are actually car in front of me. Until the driver switch his/her (*antah I don't know whether the driver is guy or girl) headlight of car to high beams, then I realize ohhh there is a car. and by that time.. the car is already infront of me. astagahhhhhhh. I'M SO SHOCKED OKAY. (*It feels like suddenly a giant creature appear in front of you and you don't know what to do) So I stop there for a moment and it feel like the longest 2 to 3 seconds moment of mylife I THINK. hahaha and I sigh. ya rabbi. how come I didnt see that the car is very near already. I thought it was still jaohhhh at the end of the cafe hahaha. 

AND also I experience difficulty when... you've been in a lecture for like 2 and 3 hours straight and when I go out I suddenly see everything in a blurred vision. So yass I need to stop for like one to three minutes to tell myself that. okay I cannot see now.. stop relax and stay calm. hahaha. I really have to put my glasses on for 24 hour straight. I SWEAR! but I don't want it to be a habit for me to rely on my glasses. I HATE IT! and also I have this bad habit of sitting at the backseat of the class. EVEN though I know I cannot see clearly. HMMMMM. (no I'm not in a denial, I know that I suffered a vision impairment specially at night) and I started to googled everything because it becoming from worst to worse. SO YAHHH HERE'S FOR THOSE Y'ALL who dealing w the same shit as me.

oh wait I forgot to explain "NYCTALOPIA" is a type of visual Impairment. Night blindness is actually difficulty seeing in the dark and this is exactly wht I'm suffer from. Actually there some possible conditions for night blindness.  It's quite a medical terms which I think I don't and not my area of expertise to even start with HAHAHA. so yeah please read on your own for the terms and I'm not gonna post here in my blog. So i'm just gonna jump straight to prevention and some action we can actually start to work on.

first thing first is, night blindness (as cite to the page that I read) caused by Vitamin A deficiency, Cataracts and Genetic defect. there is a mysterious portion of our eyes known as cataracts and could only be remove by surgery (*HMMM need to seriously think of this if I want to undergone the surgery*) cost and everything is definitely not gonna be a small number. hahaha. oh but wait I remember my cousin and my macik actually undergone this surgery before. but I don't bother to ask about the cost because yeayyy who on earth will ever thought I would suffer this condition at a very young age (okay sorry it's not a good habit) I just recently started to think about it.and seriously it gave me anxiety sometimes when things like I explained above happen. it ain't joke kiddddds. I'm getting older and my night vision is getting worse. I'm sho sad. *I'm not married yet. I want to have kids and be rich... hahahahaha 

Please ignore yang di atas. hahaha. OKAYHHH BACK TO THE ISSUE. actually vitamin A deficiency ni Doctor akan recommend vitamins supplements. beforehand kan... apa kata we eat stuff like ( sweet potatoes, carrot and mangoes) actually it suggest some more type of nutrients/food but these three are my favs so yeay. (ORANGE-COLORED FOOD ARE EXCELLENT SOURCES OF VIT A) so yeayyy let just consume alot of this stuff. REMEMBER KIDS? only orange-colored? kayh. and this guy genetic defect (again it discussed about medical terms and I don't speak medical hahaha so kids, pls read it on your own risks) hahaha. ASK MR GOOGLE HE IS ALWAYS THERE. trust me. and oh ya, I might seems exaggerate since we can always put an artificial lens contact lens or whatever but.. being a contact lens wearer for a the rest of you life is also no fun so.... huhuhu

okayhlah I have to go for I have to work on my assignment due tomorrow. HEHEHE. okayhhh. take a good care of yourself okay. I hope if some of you ever wave at me during the night. PLEASE. don't expect me to wave back and being friendly. hahah please know that I CANNOT CLEARLY SEE. and don't worry if I stare at you for more than 1 minute long. (*I don't find you attractive or anything... but I'm actually processing.... tet tet tet. Do I know you? you look like a human creature dancing.... I have to stare and be near before I can identify you. OKAY BAI.