Luckily I brought my laptop with me
Otherwise I’ll be dumbfounded
Stuck here with bunch of people
I never knew existed in my uni.
I did not bring my cellphone
Cause my smart phone suck
Remember it was me who always complaint
About smartphone
Now that I complaint again if only
I bring my cellphone
I could snap the beautiful view of the man-made
Lake in front me
And maybe I could snap those people
Around me who happily chattering with each other
While me
All alone with my laptop
Hoping for the rain to stop now
So that I could go to class
So that my bag and my clothes won’t drenched
Now that I’m completely drenched I don’t think
I have the guts to sit and focus on my Expert System Analysis
I was here.
Stuck in Pavi they said
The most famous place on earth
Okay kidding
Writing and did think about post this
Entry in my blog.
Yes I did right!
My hand pale
And my body shivering
Because of the rain and the wind
I could catch a cold tonight
And with the assignments
My final year project
No sleep for huh!
Truth is I still sleep even thought I shouldn’t
Sleep is an escape
You forget the world
For a moment
And the best part is
In my sleep the people
I love and I long the most
Appear in my sleep
Mum daddy adie idil and iman
And yes you.
The worst part is
You still want to sleep
Once you awake
Enough here
Waiting for the rain to stop
Outskirts of comp shop
Next to the historical majestic lake
Sorry for exaggerate 


Hujan tolong berhenti


Lots of love.