[ISLAM Japan] - Tokyo's Only Native Imam

Assalamualaikum.. peace be upon us all. Herm I should actually doing my final year project just now. but here I am. blogging you tube *sigh* so me. internet! often I lost track of using this. really. but hey.. take a look on this you tube vid. I always interested in revert/convert story of Islam. Don't know but.. it inspire me. and yes. I always and forever maybe. fall in love with the Japanese people. I don't know why.. I love their culture. the way the live it's just amazing. I think. all the rules.. the development in Japan is just amazing. I think all countries need to make Japan as an example and guide to develop the country. I mean in term of discipline.. the nature. oh ugh. just amazing. but yeah had to acknowledged some culture/thing they do is not worth the adjustment in me. well nobody perfect. I don't seek perfection. asieehh. my point is, where on earth would you find human with such dedication discipline and sense of appreciation.okay the point is actually,.. It's about Rahma of Allah SWT. and seeing this vid. made my mind go even crazy about Japan. I'm so sorry but I always want to take a stroll to a famous places in Japan. Shibuya Shinjuku Harajuku. and I would like to meet this only one imam out of million ppl in Japan. 

Trying to visualize "This world would be such a decent beautiful world to live in if everyone all human being is a practice muslim
hopefully someday...
Islam would take over the world.
I'm not against any other religion.

"I do not worship what you worship,
nor do you worship what I worship.
And I will not worship what you worship,
Nor will you worship what I worship.
Your way is yours, and my way is mine."

surah 109 - The Holy Quran

and for me....
Being a Muslim is the biggest blessing in my life ever.
I should take care of my religion. 
I should keep learning...
and learning. 
I should value this nikma more than everything.

die without home or luxury car
without getting marry
without anything.
it's nothing
compare to 
die without Iman.
take care of your iman ( for me and you my friend )
Iman is the biggest thing.
Savior of our nightmare in Grave.
the only company we got
in a darkness 
I always wonder of how
my first day in the grave.
I'm afraid of darkness.
I'm a total coward
How am I going to survive. 

* read quran
* good deeds
* obedient to Allah SWT
* sadaqah
* be kind to your parent
* perform Salah.

always remember all the good things that we did in Dunya will be our savior soon in the grave. Always motivate yourself to do good, and struggle not to let yourself fall into
the alluring world. because everything in the world is going to faded away. it will gone. gone. 
and nothing stay forever. even I me and you. 
sooner or later
shall taste a death 
and we will return to the creator.

a day in cais. 
with a very good yt moment. 

* every words is for myself. and hopefully if anyone ever cross/visit my blog and read this I hope it bring good to you*