Your Mother, Your Mother, Your Mother - Emotional Speech

All praises be to Allah ~~
I am sorry for a lot of things.
I cannot even help to mention
all the bad things I did to you
they are a lot of them
a lot a lot and a lot
But I am all grown up now mom
the 17 years old me
and the 22 years old me
is a different person now.
and nothing hit me hard
I was given a chances to
to make things right before everything is too late. Only god know how blessed I felt.
words can't describe how grateful I am......
love your mother more than everything in this world...
appreciate her..
do good to her..
never questioned her..
never hurt her.. (though I hurt my mom so much TT)
seek forgiveness from her..
take care of her well..
Mama deserve everything good in this world.
out of all people put your mother first.
pray for her....
And may Allah... panjangkan umur..
I want to make my mum the happiest mother on earth!
I want to be the best daughter for my mum and dad!