Raef - Your Mercy (Maroon 5 Cover) [Won't Go Home Without You]

I asked my lovely akak about my passion for music ( she is the one who've introduced me to the more lively and brighter world) . I told her that I love music so much. I told her that I used to be a mad fangirl of a Band from Seoul South Korea.. I told her that I am an enthusiast musical learner. I love instrument and in the past I spent most of my time strumming and play keyboard. She smiled to me and she said.. try to reduce slowly. If you love music so much try to take a look of it in a more islamic way.. means cuba dengar lagu-lagu yang berunsur islamic.. Alhamdullilah Allah help. he help me to forget about my overly attach to this one band.And I slowly change my love for a music into something meaningful... something with more valuable message. I still play music but not as much as in the past. And I still love it but again not that much anymore...enough said. let's enjoy Raef beautiful cover.. ~~

ps; Guy who can play instrument is still the coolest men for me :D


happy sunday.

and happy back to school tmr