I am a little human

posting all
talking all about Islam
good deed
good act
or anything
does not make me a pious.
Bittersweet fact is I am not.
I am not.
I am just struggling to be better.
to learn more
and to my little awareness that I
I am just a borrower
a servant
I may be looks all  nice and sweet outside
but nobody know what inside
except Allah.
the niat is the one that will be taking
into account
I am so tired living in a vain
I know that I don't know
I know that I am a lack muslim
I know that I am going to die
And still I did nothing about that.
I am afraid of die.
I am afraid of the day of judgement.
not because I am a chicken.
but because the fact that
I have done a countless sins
and to know that
I will get punish for the things that I've done.
enough to scared me to death.
and sleep in my bed
will not lessen even a bit of my worries and worse
will not increase your faith
if you're in my shoes.
what would you do?
to increase the so little faith that you had inside of you
what would you do.
how can I find happiness in this harsh world.