Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum.. Allhamdullilah Allhamdullilah Allhamdullilah..
All praises be to Allah for I still got the chances to see Ramadhan this year.
Alhamdullilah.. Thank you Allah for the blessing you shower me with..
this Ramadhan certainly will be different for me.
Why? hush. I've forgetten about them :)
Allah has given me another chances. let's pray for this Ramadhan is not the last Ramadhan for us
because there are so much blessing of this month!
don't missed out ppl!
forget about all the past Ramadhan that you've taken for granted.
Now the chances is here again.. make full use of it!
I'm not expert into doing good deeds,.
what the best I could say is..
struggle to get Redha Allah.
make full use of Ramadhan..
Let's struggle and strive the best for Ramadhan!

salam Ramadhan 1436H with love!

p/s : antara banyak benda baik di dunia ni salahsatu yang insyaAllah sgt berkah adalah berbakti kepada ibu dan ayah.. jangan siakan! selagi ada ayah dan ibu  :)