Assalamu alaykum

Hi and selamat malam, I know I should be doin my assignment now. my gosh banyak sgt esaimen kay. and here I am night dreamin and neglected my responsibilities. (Gonna catch my eseimen soon) very soon. *pink promise* OKAYHHH. actually recently I ventured myself out in Skin care. xD omaigash I'm so so obsessed. like seriously. I cannot help myself.. I know I need to save my $ for a lot of thing. Intern. Flight Tix. yay. present for my loved one. uuuuuh. But seems like it's not gonna happen anytime soon. ( jimat duit kelaut) I said bulan 5 is all about school. No jenjalan. Jimat jangan makan banyak sgt. masak jgn makan luar. memang failed kay failed. sgt.

 hmm. But Alhamdullilah my small effort into selling thing ( business kecik kecik je ) pay off. Ada laa untung sikit so I can support myself to pergi berjimba sikit. Buyin my own beamer. ( k tipu ) P makan saja kaye. Tapi teda la ba untung banyak banyak. to be honest kan I think my biggest interest in life ( worldly possession ) is anything that have to do w money acara jual beli. Maybe bcs this thing run smoothly in my bloodline and was feeding w all this stuffs since I were little.. so yeay maybe I'm a business oriented person. kahkahkahkah.  I'm serious kay. I have so big so big really big interest in business and I hope I ended up to be a successful entrepreneur soon. Forget the age catching up.. pls. Always be bold to set up a new goals.

Btw. actually I bukan mo bloggin pasal impian hidup ni I mo blog pasal skin care. yezza skin care.. hm I wonder how all these girls can afford all those expensive skin care while I'm struggle to purchase make-up setting spray worth only $MYR32 shoooo sad. Okayhh. btw btw satu lagi kan mostly beauty product d peninsula is much murah dari kita punya y di Sabah kan. I understand it's the kapal fuel.. but still sometimes I feels sikit ralat laaa.. nvm For skin care I have tons of them btw.. Plenty of brand mostly y cheapest-cheaper jee hihi.I'm not going to post any picture. but I'm goin to listed some of my skin care product... which I really put my trust and hopefully they don't betray me. for good sake pls. *HAH*

 and sebelum tu kan. I sememangnya menghadapi breakout y tidak teruk sgt tp still mencalar sedikit hati menjadi luka. I don't care if anyone believe this or no.. but I went to Pantai in Kuching back in Sept 2016 (Damai). Dan sampai sekarang masih ada kesan belang sunburn kay. Almost a year suda ni... ya rabbi. tapi tapa laaa.... terima ja kulit seadanya. First of all my kulit ta gelap ta puti sgt.. puti sikit la kali. hihi jadinya bila ada bekas memang nampak la.. and susa mo hilang. I have a very sensitive and oily skin. I think most of girls had a sensitive skin kut kan. Jadinya sy memang tida bole tukar tukar product. okay la enough of skin types nw lets go to skin care product hiks.

Untuk Face Wash:

I use Safi but ada tiga different face wash tp smua brand safi. first is Safi y kaler hijau w timun and habbatus sauda .. lepas tu I use whitening and brightening tips* Setiap masa dan wktu bila beli face wash I suka beli bukan ja dari segi benefit but oso design HAHAHA. Some face wash yang I try before kan even lepas I cuci muka w tht face wash I don't feel fresh. so for that I'm givin my full kepercayaan to the Safi face wash. I also used to pakai tht one safi face wash y benefits dia for jerawat. Kaler biru w gamat and habbatus sauda. the price is also a bonus ba very cheap maaa.

Beauty Cream:

Recently I got very jealous of mumsy flawless. So I asked her what did she wear.. and there she goes.. * pakai ini bagus.. ko beli la powder dia I'm not using it.. * my mum suruh sy beli chriszen product y dia beli sbb dia nda pakai. aigo. hahaha so I pun terpikat la but then I didn buy it.. piri nopo even kena togod. Beli sendiri ba debilang xD. (marah sebab I took it for free) Jadinya I ada Chriszen Moist cake sama loose powder and serum y mana my mum said dpt harga murah if you buy both Moist Cake and Loose powder ( cuba juga pakai jenis jenis bedak mcm moist cake) even if I know it. long before yang Sy memang inda sesuai pakai moist cake bcs I feel like terlebih lebih putih dan terlampau tabal di muka. tp kan this one is lain kioo I did put it on my face anyway and It was good really.. it covers my large pores y ini y ( Moist Cake ) kay. tp kalo saya apply banyak sgt aigo rasa mcm ketaq ja rupa jadinya I just put very nipis.... but enough to cover flaw on your face. I think la. lepas tu for powder hmmm memang sy inda sesuai la kali sbb enta la not bagus (ONLY IN MY FACE) kio. serum is very good I must say sebab muka rasa lembap kalo pakai dan lembut.

I also used safi beauty cream and BB krim Safi Balqis. These two is a total prefect combination. It blend so well in my skin like I don't even try. It just goes very well... hiks. My toner is forever favs Safi juga. Before I use mosturizer jenama safi juga but recently I change to Clean&Clear. Sebab saja mo try try tp nekepuluk pula sesuai. hihihi. Apply bila rajin ja I mean mesti la selalu rajin la tapi sometimes I wanna let my skin breathe at night.. so kdg kdg tida apply pun apa-apa. But I also use Nano white fresh (Miracle Mist) Twice a week.. kalo rajin setiap pagi.

one of my so very important beauty routine is applying mask. I used so many mask. really.... dr face shop to Nature republic to Safi to Bird nest to sister diary. omyyy I really love mask. p/s if you ever thought of giving me a gift do not hesitate . kasi beli ja sy mask I'll be the happiest girl on earth for one day straight. For nw I ada Sister Diary and Cellina mask. belum pakai lagi last time I applied is selesa minggu lalu. hiks. dan palin penting for me is to bersihkan segala jenis apa apa badak y ada di muka before sleep cause I read on the internet penyebab jerawat and bacteria di muka is bcs we did'nt bersihkan muka sebersih bersihnya before sleep. so... rajin rajin la kasi bersih muka.

for pores. ugh I seriously have a major pores problem.. I hide them w beauty product la. syukurlaa nakk Safi bb cream works so good on my skin. It hides my pores.. and I actually use ghonson baby powder to match w my safi bb cream.. I don't know if it's work for anyone out there but it certainly work for me. Oh ya I used Ginvera marvelwhite (Zero Blackhead) in an attempt to destroy all those tiny creatures on my cheek, nose and chin I used face shop product before but too bad I cannot afford any of the super and badass korean skin care product anymore. I promise myself I'm goin to work hard sooner to afford all of these brand (hahahaha) pls don't pity me...

the face shop punya mask for blackhead  n whitehead is totally jjang. I am also a strong believer in a traditional recipe to take care of your skin. makan banyak sayur kay makan timun and makan tomato mentah kay. my favs food btw. cicah w garam and lada. kahkah maybe not your two cent. btw sepa ja lagi yang masi pakai bedak cina. Me. yes me.. I use all the cheapest one as long long it is good and work yooo GO FOR IT.

So sampai di sini saja la. coretan kakak pada hari ni. Insya Allah rajin bloggin jumpa lagi kita di masa lain kay. Bai mahap la kalo ada bahasa y kurang. .dan mahap la kalu mikirayau min I - I kay bai. apa pun I won't forget my root and will always and always proud of my root.



p/s : Ramadhan is less than a month. Brace yourself.. Ahlan ya wasahlan ya Ramdhan.

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