Random post :)

DAY 1 : 10 things that makes me happy

* family gathering ( simply eating together with my family at home )
* family gathering both in my maternal and paternal family.. makan makan
* people believe in you
* people smile on me like for no reason.. just give you a smile
* money. don't lie everyone love money
* can sing my favs song xD
* understand lesson in my class
* meeting with you favs people!
* taking care of your family anc cats
* eating and sleeping and helping people

duh! see ah.. I'm a very simple person. don't really know but so far this is what happy means to me : the person you love is as happy as you are.

DAY 2 : Something ppl told me that I won't forget the rest of my life.

* herm. skip!

DAY 3 : em top three pet peeves

* ppl scream at me
* complaint on how messy I am cause I am totally a mess! xD
* apathy

DAY 4 :  inspirational people to me

I have a number of people I adore the most. But currently I watched and been so into Indonesian. and I think Maia Estianty is quite inspirational. She learned the hard way, I really admire her sense of loving, she is a woman of courage very enthusiast.. and full of love. and one thing for sure. she is not a bunch of hypocrite ppl. Inda tauu laa tapi serious.. dini ini waktu ini aku adore gila dengan sosok tubuh yang bernama Maia Estianty ni. hahahah SERIOUS K

DAY 5 : Five places I definitely want to go someday!

* Mecca! of course!
* Dubai
* Seoul
* Busan
* Jakarta

DAY 6 : to win my heart!

nah! I like people randomly. asal baik dan kuat ibadah sudah bisa menguji keimanan ku hahaha. bai

DAY 7 : 10 song I love rn.

currently I'm so into the old days. you know.. I love the old song with great lyrics and upbeat song and  pls just don't vomit over my favs song. hah! lemme just list some of my favs song.. oh! and it's the lyric of the song k not the title. try guessing hah!

* " someday I will find my way back to where your name, is written in the sand" Simple Plan

* " I gave you my love to borrow, but you just gave it away, You can expect me to be fine I don't expect you to care" Maroon 5

* " And I think about summer all the beautiful times, I watched you laughing from the passenger side that Realized I love you in the fall and then the cold came the dark days when fear come
crept into my mind" TS

* " Reaching for the love that seems so far, So I say a little prayer and hope my dream will take me    there, where the skies are blue to see you once again my love" Westlife

* " If I got locked away and we lost it all today tell me honestly will you still love me the same?, I showed you flaws if I couldn't be strong tell me honestly would you still LOVE ME THE SAME? " - Adam Levine ft R.city

* " I've given all I can but we're still on the payroll " - Radiohead

* " would you bring me back to holding hands in the rain? I swear I'd ease your pain.. lift you up so could finally see the love you are to me " He is We

* "  You mean so much and I'd fix all that I've done, If I could start again I'd throw it all away..To the shadows of regrets and you would have the best of me " - SUM 41

* " As life goes on I'm starting to learn more and more about responsibility and
I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me so I want to take this time out to apologize for things that I've done and things that haven't occur yet "- Akon

* "It's not a walk in the park to love each other, but when our fingers interlock can't deny,can't deny you're worth it.. cause after all this time I'm still into you " - Paramore

sebenarnyaa banyak lagi favs song. I used to listen to cnblue band, green day.. all those band in early 2000 and probably 90's.. ugh. how time flies.. huh. now that I'm bit older.. I'm not so into band ka apa  apa lagi.. focus hidup lain sudaa xD.

DAY 8 : Something I struggle with

* bettering myself
* finishing degree
* get rid of old habit
* dealing with feeling
* trying to be positive regardless of all the negativity

I have nothing to hide..

DAY 9 : words of wisdom that speak to me

plenty of them. But for now.. I think these words mean so much to me and somehow on dark days I still feel the light to continue living :)

* " Indeed with Hardship comes ease " Quran 95:6
* " Do not despair of the mercy of Allah" Quran 39:53
* " know that Allah never gets tired of giving and forgiving "

cr to the ig pages that I visited randomly :)

DAY 10 : something I feel so strong!

* family... death... hereafter

DAY 11 : what if?

* what if.. I born with silver spoon on my mouth...
* what if.. I end up marrying a prince xD

DAY 12 : Five blessing in my life..

Everything in my life is blessing.. these are just some I need to highlight and always grateful!

* Islam
* Iman
* Parent
* sibling
* hati

DAY 13 : what am I excited about.

herm to be honest. I no longer know what makes me excited. hah! future maybe.

DAY 14 : favs movies.

ada banyak, one of them is " A little thing called love " kkkkk chesssyyy

DAY 15 : Bullet point of my life!

> I should make peace with my past
> leave the past behind
> never look back if it will just hurt you
> be yourself despite of everything or anything just be yourself
> the present is the most important.. not yesterday or in the future
> always give you very best
> learn from you past mistakes
> work hard!
> earn before you spent!
> be kind.. be kind.. be kind..
> respect people.. the older esp

DAY 16 : Something that I miss.

A feeling.. a good feeling. feeling relieve. Feeling no attachment to the impossible dreams of youth and worldly expectation. believe me I once willing to give up this world.. and I want just a simple life. that's okay until I realized I'm not alone on earth. I got parent and sibling.. and that I one day will take care of them.

DAY 17 : zodiac and sign.

hurm. frankly said. I don't believe in this though in the past I really into... checking horoscope is one of my favs thing to do. hahahaha.

DAY 18 : 30 facts about myself.

ugh. THAT'S LONG. hermmmm I'm sensitive.. impulsive help me with this! hahah I kept thing to myself alot. dreamer.. I'm willing to work hard for the thing I want. but often I give up easily. I'm a coward. often call it quits before it begin. sad life. need to hella change this as well. I'm working on that kkkk.I fall for people randomly. (kkkk) but never serious. maybe once or twice but. hmmm. tettttt. I don't have many friends. my college life isn't so great. not awesome to extent where I don't know how to accurately define my uni life. some days I FEEL OKAY but most of the time I feel so low and broke. buttttttt I NEED TO ALWAYS REMEMBER there are always someone yang even worse than me. yahhhh. and I believe there will be always light at the end of the tunnel. I'm afraid of the sun really. I'm my dad's girl.. my mum's best friend. and my sister and bros biggest pet peeve xD. BUT I WANNA MEET MY FAMILY AGAIN IN JANNAH. I'm not perfect i am a crap I am a very emotional human being. I cry a lot... I'm not pretty. tp bersyukur manisnyaa mungkin adaaaaa kkkkk. I'm on twitter like most of the time. I enjoy sappy movie as well as documentary... I enjoy baking things making money and I love good music. I love nice and sweet and funny people. Bcs I'm reallly really lack of laugh thing.. kekekekeke. I plays music I sing just for my own enjoyment. I'm not into make-up but a huge fan of skin care product. I suka kucing SUKA GILA dan suka makan TERLALU SUKA dan meminati seseorang. SANGAT MINAT. hahahahaha. suka pink dan suka dok ruma. tp suka jalan juga haaaa. kbai

DAY 19 : Discuss your first love.

My first love. herm.. each and everyone of us had one! I believe. so do I, my first love is when I was 16-17.. now that I'm older I love to think it as puppy love. though you feel like the world is yours. when you fall in love.. everything is so beautiful! makan tak kenyang mandi tak basah tidur tak lena.that kind of feeling.. you always feel blossom. hahaha but then remember, in this world the devil dressed in everything we wanted. first love is sure unforgettable but then your last love.. is always the best love. No right and wrong.. love is never wrong. but... pimpinla cinta ke jalan yang diredhai. for me now.. love is something like

" cukuplah aku mencintai mu dalam hati menyalurkan lewat doa doa di setiap sujudku dan    menjagamu melalui Allah"


DAY 20 : Three celebrity crushes.

heartthrob kkkkkk

* Maia Estainty
* Seohyun Snsd
* Jung YongHwa
* Abdul Qadir Jaelani Dul!

hahahah. causeeee listing three is too mainstream lets just break the rules. I'm crushing hard on them because of specific reason that I forever can't get over. Maia for her sense of motherhood feeling.. Seohyun for her life style.. she isn't a muslim girl but then I think she is indeed a moral queen. and Yong for his music appreciation. and lastly dul! I adore this kid so bad. don't know why! but he love for his mother is all over the skies. we can see it. like clearly! Profound reality " When we love someone it showed" Yasmin Mogahed. and I believe this is true!! kkkkk actually. ada lagi celebrity crushes ni tapi yang lain biasa biasa aja. kind of crushes yang come and go easily. merely because of look... but know that it won't last long.. in the end... wind will just sweep them away easily....

DAY 21 : Three lesson I want my future child to learn..

know you creator... ajarkan tentang Raja semesta dunia. so far this is what I'm thinking of... do everything in this world. but never turn your back from Allah... cause in the end. you probably crawl back and when the time is hard.. you probably feeling like dying.. looking for Allah. Allah is never away... it's just us.

DAY 22 : Bcs I don't really have song in my phone.. but my first 10 songs in my music acc are

* Howl - Florence and The Machine
* Mama Do acoustic live - Pixie Lott
* Across the Universe - Fiona Apple version
* Karma Police - Panic! At the disco
* Ode to my family acoustic version - Cranberry Sauce Tribute
* Banmal song Flute version - Cho Koi Hong Jermain
* Because I missed you - JYH
* Honey Bee - Zee Avi
* Hey Jude Beatles Instrumental cover - Rock Dog
* who'd have known acoustic version - Lily Allen

DAY 23 : A letter to someone.

" moga Allah menjagamu " 

DAY 24 : lesson that I learned in the most hardest way

It's very hard for me to say this. if I have to say something.. bila org percaya never go broke their trust toward you and turn it to insecure. the rest.. biar jadi rahsia antara aku dan sang pencipta :)


love is...

DAY 26 : area in my life that I want to improve


DAY 27 : hardest thing for me nw

finishing degree.. dealing w feeling

DAY 28 : five thing make me laugh-out-loud

* My brother silly jokes
* a day well spent w my gfssss mesti banyak cerita lucu xD

dan apa ja la yang lucu

DAY 29 : my goals for the next 30 days

study very hard... losing weight.. and do good. and be kind.. and live my life to the fullest. tomorrow isn't promise for me...

DAY 30 : my high and low for the month..

hermmm.. not really sure.. but most of the time.. I'm struggle to keeping myself cool in no matter situation :D

hahah. I found this through my friend's fb. andddddddd it seems  nice and fun to play.. so sajaa letak ni di blog.


just another boring sunday in Uni.


3.58 PM
Allamanda College.