Hi , it is almost midnight here. 11.09 PM my head is currently thinking about going back to Uni. To be honest I’m not ready at all. I will leave in less than a week but I haven’t start packing yet. I’m thinking about bringing some ranau sejati food. Lada padas tuhau and so on. But then remembering how life I am about to live as a stud completely kill my thought of bringing some food. I lose my selera suddenly. I don’t even know why. probably because I am alone and some of the days I miss my family so bad and you know college things never been as sweet as in a local drama. It was almost my one year being in a new place and truth to be told there is still a lot of things I cannot adapt. From friends to the environment it is still so strange to me sometimes. Everything is a brand new to me. back then I visualize my uni life would be freaking awesome like outing everywhere meeting new people doing this and that as you want having no one to make you stay grounded and I thought I’m going to explore the real freedom of being a teenager. However once I reached there. All the thought had been destroyed by I don’t really sure what. All of sudden I miss all the things I hate the most before. Someone to keep nag at me, someone to take care of me, someone to tell me that I can’t do this and even a fight with my little sister is such a good thing to have that time. it was such a nightmare for me for being in a new place and know no one. The MAP is the strongest memory. It was a one-week orientation for a new stud and can I call that as the longest one week in my entire life. I was only 20 back then and I’m away from everyone I love. I just did whatever I was told to and stay quiet for the rest of the day. I cry myself to sleep and whenever I have time I will immediately call my parents. It was a very memorable and valuable experience for me. I stay in a single room and I never feel so alone but that time yes I felt alone. however as time goes by thing started to work out for me and yes I’m still in my process of adjusting myself and I trust my uni life will be the best time of my life. And seeing my junior really enjoy their orientation day envied me. How I wish I had that feeling back then. Never mind it’s gone. Just enjoy and live the present to the fullest!